Rhoda Grant : Scottish government urged to bring forward a statutory right to food in law

18 January 2019

Labour has pressed the Scottish government to bring forward a statutory right to food.

Labour Highlands & Islands Regional MSP Rhoda Grant pressed the government to outline when a proposed Good Food Nation bill would finally be brought forward.

The MSP is also writing to foodbank organisations across Scotland to ensure they take steps to make their users’ voices heard.

Rhoda Grant said:

“We live in a developed nation in the 21st century and it is a national scandal that foodbank use is increasing year upon year upon year.

"Scottish Labour believe that there should be a statutory right to food, which brings together all of the current policies, gives them a guiding force, and has the power to measure the government’s success in feeding its people.

"In developing legislation, we believe that people who are most affected by food insecurity should have the opportunity to contribute to how the government can make things better.

“However, we accept that this is challenging, as those most affected by food insecurity tend to be the most marginalised and vulnerable people in society, who are unlikely to have their voice heard.

“I am writing to foodbank organisations in Scotland to find out whether they have any plans to make service users aware of the consultation, and how they are supporting them in submitting their views to the outcome of the consultation.

“While I understand that engaging with the government’s legislative process is not going to be the first thing on people’s minds when visiting foodbanks, I think that it is important that we listen to people who are most affected by the issues discussed, and take account of their views”

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